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Diplomacy and Dialogue Strengthen the Respect for Human Rights.

The Edelstam Institute conducts research and offers tailor made programs based on The Nordic Way®, the art of creating a sustainable agreement, which shall contribute to develop further tools in order to encourage to solve issues through dialogue, mediation and diplomacy, instead of military intervention, violence and war.

The institute provides tailor made programs for diplomats and government society  to analyze situations through the means of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration for Human Rights, to prevent crimes and violations of human rights, promote governments to seek for justice when crimes are committed, and peaceful settlement of dispute. The tailor made programs offer a more hands-on knowledge on how to work in times of human crisis, and how diplomacy and the civil society can interact faster when crimes and violations of human rights arise, how to apply a long-term perspective regarding the international human rights law; how to monitor and report to governments and its agencies, media, civil society and the UN.

By offering insight in successful mediation processes and methods originating from the Nordic countries’ experiences, the Edelstam Institute contributes with sustainable solutions for democratic negotiations and implementation of peace agreements, giving the participants of the program the opportunity to engage practically with the capacity to influence key outcomes through the following platforms for discussions:

  • Conferences
  • Mini-seminars
  • Lectures
  • Round-tables
  • Open international forums with civil society
  • Tailor made programs

Participants will be provided with new knowledge, practical tools and inspiration to leadership in their work for a sustainable development.

Topics to be addressed ranges among various areas of concerns. How can we advance the potential for international co-operation? Where is the leadership, the consensus? How can we get the international law respected and peaceful coexistence achieved? How can we stimulate the need for international law, promoting accountability for serious abuses against human rights and the responsibility of states where violations have occurred, and the responsibility of the international community as well, in order to establish justice, ensuring the protections of victims and avoid impunity? Participants will learn from previous cases and to further develop, and acknowledge the concept of R2P in order to avoid the repetition of history with regards to these cases.

We carefully study your request in order to design training concepts that best match your objectives and needs. In close cooperation with you, we co-create and share responsibility in order to embed our training into the broader goals of your structure and staff. The content, training skills, and duration will be adapted to your priorities and the levels of the participants.

Our customized programs are generally delivered in English but upon request we can organize courses in Arabic, Swedish, French, German, Portuguese,  and Spanish. However, please do not hesitate to submit a request if any other language is preferable.



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