What Makes Us Unique


At the core of The Edelstam Institute’s educational programs is the diplomatic legacy based on experiences and tools from the Nordic countries.

The Edelstam Institute has an experience of working on a grass root level, but also towards governments, diplomats and other stakeholders world-wide on a high level – we believe in creating international forums for discussions on human rights and by offering aligned, tailor made educational programs enhancing theory, -practice, and –discussion interaction for the participants, together with mobilizing the civil society, in order to promote sustainable dialogue and peace.

By offering insight in successful mediation processes and methods with its origin from the Nordic countries’ experiences we hope to contribute to the implementation of peace agreements and the sustainability of peace building processes, and have the opportunity to engage practically and to the capacity to influence key outcomes.

With the Swedish legacy of a quite remarkable collection of famous diplomats, such as Harald Edelstam, Raoul Wallenberg, Per Anger, Folke Bernadotte, and Dag Hammarskjöld, Sweden possesses the right means to take on an important leadership.

To use concrete examples through real heroes, such as our Swedish role model diplomats; the teaching of human rights as it not only consists of the learning of principals, but also the ”practical wisdom” – the ability to conform the principals with a sensitivity for the concrete circumstances without a self-interest.

In order to make a change and create an impact, we have to find inspiration in order take on responsibility and leadership. We need role models to show us the way. We need to educate each other, we need to have an on-going dialogue, we need to discuss, and express ourselves.