About Us

The Edelstam Institute of Education for Human Rights and International Affairs is a not-for-profit independent institution whose mission is to conduct research and educate about Human Rights, Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and International Affairs. It is named after the Swedish diplomat and Ambassador, Harald Edelstam (1913-1989), who distinguished himself as a diplomat by his professional competence, his bravery and his civic courage in the fight for Human Rights. He was an early proponent and symbol of what today is known as the ”Responsibility to Protect” and his memorable acts continued to save lives during the Second World War in Nazi-occupied Norway and more than 1500 lives during the coup in Chile in 1973.

As a response to the increased need for education of Human Rights and Responsibility to Protect for diplomats, governmental representatives and other stakeholders in society, the founders of the Edelstam Foundation have independently created the Edelstam Institute as an extension of their work with the Edelstam Foundation.

The Edelstam Institute stands for a humanistic view, based on the values and principles that mainly are expressed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights from 1948, along with the conventions that followed and internationally accepted public law. The Institute is politically and religiously independent.